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Safety is A-peeling

Veolia Environmental Services had a safety program that they needed to promote throughout the company. What started as a simple banner, developed into a much bigger project.


They were starting a new program to help raise awareness for job safety. Each officeveolia flag was pitted against each other and had to come up with their own angle. I had the pleasure of working with the great people in the Wisconsin Rapids Division. They needed to make a big splash and something that was really visible. At first they were thinking of doing some banners, but after taking with Terri Jennings, the best route to go was doing these as flags. For the size they needed it was less expensive and gave a better looking product in the end. They had a pretty good idea of what they wanted for artwork and it was just a matter of fine-tuning their idea. In the end we produced 2 flags that were printed at a 5 foot x 3 foot size and then grommeted both ends so that they could be used as banners or hung as flags.


veoila posterThey weren’t done yet though. They also needed some posters, with the theme that safety is appealing. They had the great idea to try and work in some type of orange peeling into the artwork. Well with a little research I was able to find an excellent image of an orange that was in the process of being peeled and produced a 24 x 30 inch poster for them. They loved the image so much they then decided to have The Design Monkey make some bumper stickers that could go on the company vehicles. As pictures of the materials started to float through the office, some of the employees wanted to have that orange image on a shirt. So we took the full color image we had been using on all of the printed material reduced it down to 2 colors with some tinkering and made shirts with names on.


Upon talking to Terri the other week the program seems to be a success. Their lost time due to injuries and other safety related items has decreased since the program’s start. Thanks Veolia for letting The Design Monkey be a part of a program that helps prevent injuries.


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