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adidas stripe golf shirt

Adidas Stripe Golf Shirt

More Green: Helping Mother Earth
With snow on the ground and below zero wind chills predicted, it’s a little hard to think about global warming. Pal and I though have been on constant lookout to add to our earth friendly selections and have found the list to be growing and cooler all the time.


One little gem is the Eco Fleece Exhale Glove with Tech Touch. This won a product ofEco gloves ingenuity award this year at one of the trade shows. It’s made with 40% post consumer recycled (PCR) polyester fleece, that came from recycled soda bottles and packaging containers; soft, breathable and wind-resistant; provides lightweight thermal retention; includes an exhale heating system which allows you to inject a quick blast of warm air into your hand without removing your gloves; patented Tech Touch pod on the index finger in order to run your iPod without removing your gloves.


Another new company is PLAYKCAB (PLAYBACK). Their mission is to establish recycled fabric as the new standard for eco-friendly clothing that’s as fashionable as it is forward thinking. playback hoodie70% of the material used is from scraps that otherwise would have been discarded. The process produces fabric that is one color on one side and a second color on the other side. Very cool.


Columbia has also made the commitment for a greener planet. Introducing new outwear that incorporates recycled polyester and other “green” materials they continue their commitment with keeping the “great” in the great outdoors.


eco catalog

Call us today at 715.652.6653 for a copy of our eco catalog, and let us help you, help mother earth.

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