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Ask Pal:
What are some of the back to school trends?

The retail trends have been all over the boards lately. Color combinations that may have been taboo a few years ago are now acceptable in the main stream.

The deep tomato reds sizzle with excitement and energy. Pair this up with some aquas, turquoise, gold or just about any other color.

Neons are still splashing everywhere. Accent some camouflage with a neon orange for that splash of color. If you can pair it up with a rich dark color like a purple, burgundy or forest green you are really hitting the high notes. You can also tie these into grays that give a hint of metal or concrete.

Layers are very present in women's clothing. Something I saw a lot of this summer was two or three different styles and colors of cami tops worn together for a hot keep you cool look. Even in women's business wear you are seeing the traditional colored jackets and pants paired with a button up blouse in a neutral color, then this bright splash is layered underneath and is accesorized by some matching jewelry or purse.

A couple things that you are seeing more of is what's called multimedia multimedia designs and the all over print. In these there are 2 or more different processes used in decorating the piece. It could be a combination of screen printing and embroidery. Maybe an applique and some rhinestone bling. These items tend to all wear differently as time goes on for a truly unique piece. The all over print is exactly that. Instead of having the standard front print in the middle of the chest, these things are going across the entire shirt seems and all. A lot of times this printing is done before the shirt is even constructed so it is hard to match that kind of look. We are able to make jumbo prints that fall across the seams and can be positioned in off the shoulder or on the side if you like.

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